Project Management

To many builders and associated project managers, landscaping is somewhat of an unknown. The living, growing and changing nature of landscapes is a stark contrast to the unchanging structures of the built environment, with which they are use to dealing. For an example the ideal soil structure for building and plant growth and the care needed to be taken for inert building materials and plant material are polar opposites. At Great Gardens we offer a project management service as we understand that the way in which a landscape is created largely impacts on the way it grows and evolves. We can fulfil the role of superintendant for your landscape contract, to ensure works get carried out not only to industry standards but also in the long term best interest of your landscape. Alternatively if you just want someone to check on your landscape contractors and provide you with advice free from vested interests or even if you have any other landscape project management needs feel free to click here and contact us to further discuss your situation.